About me

My name is Antonio Ordoñez, I am one of those people who started drawing as a child and couldn´t stop. What used to be my hobby, became my obsession and afterwards my job.

I present myself as a children illustrator because I always create from the child I used to be. But I don't limit myself to children's books, I also illustrate for online and printed materials, I do murals and also enjoy working on animations.

I create strong characters, I give them soul and I make them cute and funny. This is why, when you see them, you want them to be your friends.

I had the opportunity to work with organizations such as Red Cross Germany, Deutsche Bahn or Verse. 

All my life is about drawing, creating, animating or even playing with my two year old son. If you decide to work with me, you are not only hiring an artist, but also a fulltime storyteller.

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